Designet til at være global: Hvordan danske born global virksomheder kan bruge branding i deres udenlandske eventyr

Casper Rosenkrands Clemmensen & Christian Kiær Sønderbæk

Student thesis: Master thesis


The thought of combining the fields of branding and internationalization has not been given thorough attention in an academic context. With this in mind, we have aimed to contribute to this field. We have done so with a thorough study of how Danish born global companies can use branding to facilitate their international expansion. The thesis will focus on Danish born global companies founded with a focus on design and lifestyle products. The thesis is based on the assumption that, by building a strong brand, Danish born global companies can reach niche segments that have an interest in design and lifestyle products. In order to contribute with this thesis, we have chosen to apply a qualitative methodological approach. The qualitative approach was chosen, as it was the most suitable research method in the research field for this thesis. We did so by creating case studies of 10 Danish brands, all with a passion for quality and design. In the course of our research, we were able to identify a range of branding opportunities that Danish born global companies can use in their internationalization process. Research of the 10 selected born global brands, showed that design and the country of origin, Denmark were fundamental in the understanding of the companies and their branding. We identified product, distribution, communication and collaborations as crucial elements for design driven Danish born global companies to use branding in their internationalization process. Within these elements, a range of opportunities and potential threats were identified during the analysis of the case studies. Only by using the branding elements in a synergy will branding be an effective and active part of born global brands internationalization process. With this thesis we have presented findings that show branding as a valuable tool for Danish born global companies to reach niche segments worldwide with an interest in design and lifestyle products. Our research is limited to the extent that we have chosen to work with a narrow group of brands, seen from the perspective of the companies. Further research could incorporate the views from stakeholders of the companies to add to the understanding of companies’ opportunities of using branding in their internationalization. On a more general level, the field in the combination of branding and internationalization has a potential for further research.

EducationsMSc in Business Administration and Organizational Communication, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2015
Number of pages190