Can Domestic Violence Guarantee New Horizons for social Marketing? The Influence of Young Individuals in the Creation of a Social Marketing Strategy about Intimate-partner Violence in a Comparative Study between Italy and Denmark

Elena Zenzocchi

Student thesis: Master thesis


This study investigates the effects of young individuals’ perspectives towards intimate-partner violence in social marketing field in a comparative study between Italy and Denmark. This thesis extends prior work about domestic violence, connecting this social issue with social marketing. The existing literature about domestic violence was limited to specific fields and it was not characterised by connections with any communication’s fields. Thus, this study created a conceptual framework connecting this issue with social marketing, commercial marketing and culture.
Thanks to the organisation of four focus groups, the findings delineate that witness and abused are not connected in the same way to the abusive behaviour, giving different importance to the variables that create a social marketing strategy. Moreover, the findings show that the education and the law system represent an important support for a social marketing strategy. Finally, they underlined that the absence of a clear structure for the communication about domestic violence reduces the potential understanding of the communication itself. Plus, the presence of a multicultural environment highlighted the importance of culture when developing advertisings related to domestic violence.
These findings provide the possibility for social marketing to intervene in the development of strategies adapted to the characteristics of the target, i.e. the abused and witness of domestic violence. Moreover, these discoveries allow to understand which are the main tactics which can increase the effectiveness of a strategy towards domestic violence. Finally, the insights determined the possibility to create a structure designed to develop social marketing advertisings, which can be adapted to the cultural features of the audience in order to be more appealing

EducationsMSc in Brand and Communications Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages197
SupervisorsSine Nørholm Just