Når iskolde forhandlinger afhænger af varme relationer

Martin Bahn Nielsen & Mads H. Lynggaard

Student thesis: Diploma thesis


This rapport is the final thesis leading to a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Marketing Management) from Copenhagen Business School in Denmark. The thesis deals with the Danish ice cream producer Hansens Flødeis, which is a family owned business. Through recent years Hansens Flødeis has only managed to achieve a market share of 2% despite a continuing product development, investments in production equipment, and executing promotional activities. The focus in the thesis is to identify which underlying factors cause this result and to formulate a future marketing strategy as well as a specific plan of action for what the company can do to increase the growth rate. There are in-depth intern and extern analyses, and the cause is found in a combination of these factors, where the company is not able to use their strengths suitably when looking at the market’s opportunities. Because of the changed consumer behaviour and the retail’s large market shares, the competitive intensity of the company’s business increases. In the light of both the intern and extern analysis a market strategy has been conducted, which meets the requirements of being sustainable, feasible and acceptable. It builds on a growth strategy from the paradigm” energizing the business” (D. Aaker) and is intended to increase Hansens Flødeis’s future B2B activities Even though the market share is low, Hansens Flødeis has a strong position on the market, and they have managed to develop an integrated collaboration with their value chain. But in the longer run the company is threatened by the changes in the market, which requires a re-thinking of the marketing strategy, which serves as the foundation for the growth. The technological development, changed consumer behaviour, and new ways of distribution are some of the driving forces which will for ever change the production and the sale of ice cream. The future market winners will be those, who manage to take advantage of the opportunities and at the same time eliminate the threats of these changes.

EducationsGraduate Diploma in Marketing Management, (Diploma Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2017
Number of pages102