The Entrepreneurial University: Neo-liberalism and the entrepreneurial self

Nina Louise Glenny Petersen

Student thesis: Master thesis


Within the Danish scenery, the American inspired model of the ‘entrepreneurial university’ has been rapidly adopted within the last couple of years and shown an impressive increase in numbers: In the fall semester 2013 the number of provided entrepreneurial courses increased with 10 percent compared to the prior year and, in addition, the number of enrolled students increased with 7,5 percent - undoubtedly making it one of the fastest-growing academic fields today. The present thesis finds a general curiosity in the far-stretching and allencompassing fields of innovation and enterprise, by examining the emergence of the entrepreneurial university as a single expression of this general trend. In doing so, the study engages in the notion of ‘entrepreneurial universities’ in a Danish local context, as to examine how the entrepreneurial university rests on a particular moral domain of enterprise and links to certain imperatives of neoliberal governing.

EducationsMSocSc in Political Communication and Managment, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages82