Et forsvar i forandring - Barmark filosofien - Utopi eller virkelighed? En analyse af forsvarsforliget 2005 – 2009 - om de forandrings-strategiske valg, forandringsprocessens forløb og de faktorer, som har indflydelse herpå

Erik Schwensen

Student thesis: Master executive thesis


This Study analyses the strategic choices and the transformation and decision making processes as foundation for he Defence Agree- ment 2005 -2009, , which caused the greatest Reform of the Royal Danish Defence Forces since the Second World War. The study concludes among several aspects that: * The strategic choices concerning the Transformation, which were taken by the Chief of Defence Denmark were caused by four identified pressures for organisational change combined with a internal realization process, * The Study shows a change in the overall strategic understanding from a clear classic perspective to a more systemic perspective with indications from the evolutionary and processual perspective. * The Study also shows, that the introduction of the "Bare field philosophy” by the Chief of Defence Denmark before the political scene was set was of great importance for the survival of the strategy and the implementation in the Transformation process.

EducationsMaster of Public Administration, (Executive Master Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2006
Number of pages120