’Den gode lærer’ – en feminin social figur? En analyse af mulighedsbetingelserne for den legitime lærer

Lene Gry Gramstrup

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis examines the link between discourse and the legitimate teacher in the Danish public school (folkeskolen). The study is influenced by the work of Foucault that defines discourse as bodies of knowledge that “systematically form the object of which they speak” (Foucault 1979 in Hardy & Philips 2004: 301). The study illuminates how ‘the good teacher’ is spoken about through analysing the tasks and practices connected to the work of a teacher. The study finds that the school is highly influenced by feminine values and that ‘the good teacher’ through discourses is disciplined in ways in which the legitimate teacher stands out as a feminine social figure. The paper discusses the analytic finding adding on an economic societal perspective. The discussion’s starting point is besides the present thesis’ findings, grounded in research that sketch problems in the Danish school. For instance that pupils performance are mediocre and that in general, boys are doing worse than girls. The paper discusses whether ‘the good teacher’ as a discursive construction has implications for the schools inclusiveness since the discourse might result in a certain way of doing school. A way closely related to feminine values. This might be problematic since it perhaps has negative effects on children that are not able to navigate in the feminine discursive structures (Søndergaard 2000: 85-86). They might not be equipped for further education, which in the end have consequences for Denmark as a knowledge society that are depending upon a high educational level among the population.

EducationsMSc in Psychology, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2011
Number of pages78