Product placement: I et markedsanalytisk perspektiv

Ann-Sophie Praefke Monrad & Louise Herbst

Student thesis: Master thesis


The extensive use of traditional marketing methods forces companies to explore other alternatives for their marketing strategies in the effort to create attention to their products. As of January 2011, a new legislation allows companies to pay for product placements in Danish film productions. However, critics believe that product placement take advantage of consumers because their option to disregard advertisements when they are embedded in the films is eliminated. However, surveys conducted in this thesis do show that the Danish consumers do not recognize this as a major problem because they think of product placements as a natural part of films and not as unfair use of marketing, which is why they accept the fact that companies utilize this method as part of their marketing strategies. Provided that film makers manage to create attention to the company brand and make the placement appear in a natural, credible and unobtrusive manner this would potentially influence the consumers’ decision making process and ultimately their choice of brand. It has been proved that high plot placements can have a positive impact on consumers’ brand memory; however, it also enhances the risk of creating negative attitudes towards the brand if the attention is exaggerated. Thus, it is of high importance that companies and film makers co-operate to find a suitable balance that places products in the right context in a subtle and credible manner. A product placement weakness is the uncertainty regarding the actual marketing effect which is difficult to measure. However, brand memory has proven to be greatest for: used by actor and story connection placements, whereas the background placements did not have equivalent effects. In addition, consumers recall brands better when using auditory placements compared to visual placements. Furthermore, consumers’ prior knowledge of brands is an important factor, as well-known brands will be noticed and remembered to greater extent compared to less known brands, which means that companies should use this marketing method as part of a larger campaign. This also means that there are some product categories that are more suitable than others: the products that manage to influence consumers’ emotional side.

EducationsMSc in Economics and Marketing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2011
Number of pages239