Drivers behind Public-Private Partnerships: An explorative case study of four SOS Children’s Villages partnerships: Xellia, Solar, Delta and Siemens

Tetyana Basse

Student thesis: Master thesis


Serious environmental, social and economic problems continue growing, and the expenses for their solutions by NGOs grow proportionally. As a result NGOs try to fulfill their missions and enter partnerships where business organizations “pay the bills”. The public-private partnership phenomenon involves a large amount of stakeholders and resources, and consequently, it attracts the attention of academic scholars to study the topic of cross-sectoral partnership. The value that both sides receive from entering and implementing this type of partnership, lies within the heart of these researches, as well as they outline the risks and challenges. The literature differentiates the shared values which are in focus for NGOs and internal values of business organizations that are the main reasons of entering a partnership. In this thesis the main drivers of public-private partnerships are explored. First the relevant background and theories are described, which reflect the specifics of public-private partnership, and which further are applied to case studies investigated in this research. One Danish NGO and four partnering organizations are selected, and in-depth interviews are conducted, enabling analysis of the essential drivers of the cooperation from a business perspective. The main findings regarding the drivers are offered. The identified drivers may help partnering companies to reach their goals and to gain the expected value. Moreover, the right application of these driving aspects may help each side to get a better understanding of each other’s goals. Finally, this thesis contributes to the provision of further insight into the concept of partnerships in general and for the cooperation between NGOs and private organizations specifically.

EducationsMSocSc in Service Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2015
Number of pages78