Fremtidens forretningsmodeller for virksomheder i droneindustrien: Sådan kommer virksomheder til at arbejde med droneteknologi i fremtiden

Frederik Skøt

Student thesis: Master thesis


The technology of drones is a relatively new technology, that is expected to have a major potential in the business world. Humanless and programmed drones can at this moment in time, take over tasks in airspace, that used to be handled by human controlled helicopters. The efficiency of drones for airborne operations is much more efficient, as there is no longer a need for a pilot and therefore no space on the aircraft has to be available for this and also the amount of fuel, is no longer needed. More and more companies worldwide is seeking the potential for themselves to be more proactive and therefore seeks opportunities within this new technology. However, a lot can indicate that the world has only seen the tip of the iceberg of the technology's true potential and it is therefore difficult at the moment to predict there the market is actually moving and at what speed. This project will strive to make some preliminary considerations as to how Danish companies will work with drones in the future, as well as the external factors need before these considerations can become a reality The project will be solved through the interpretation of existing drone reports about today’s drone industry and the assessment of future prospects. This analysis is complemented by interviews with two drone experts, contributing to a greater knowledge of general practice and a deeper insight into the technology itself. Today, the business model of the drone companies are often associated with a company’s competencies in serving drones and performing manually controlled operations with drones. The future will only be more demanding for companies that will have to adapt to working with drones and the generating data of drones. The entire focus area of the business model’s value factors will in the future be more about processing of the data rather than performing a simple drone operation. The potential of the technology is threatened by some technological and regulatory challenges that are expected to improve over time, as the technology matures, citizens turn to the idea of drones in airspace and also the safety systems of drones get so advanced that a steer is as unlikely as a helicopter. The future predicts that especially two types of drone companies will succeed. Companies that will specialize in analysis of all the data drones are gathering on their operations. But also the companies that are solution oriented in regards to the use of the drones implemented in their own business development.

EducationsMSc in Business Administration and E-business, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2017
Number of pages77
SupervisorsNiels Bjørn-Andersen