Implementering af ny fondslovgivning og af god fondsledelse

Nick Sigurdson

Student thesis: Master thesis


Industrial foundations in Denmark owns some of the largest companies in Denmark1, therefore changes in the legislation regarding industrial foundations have a large impact in their way of conducting business. Prior to the new Act. for industrial foundations was drafted and adopted, the Danish Business Authority appointed a commission to analyse the needs of the legal framework for industrial foundations. Based on the analysis, the commission published a report with recommendation on how to improve the legal framework and corporate governance for the industrial foundations. In June 2014 the Danish Parliament adopted the new Act. reading industrial foundations, 712 of 25/06/2014. This master thesis describes the changes from the old Act. LBK nr. 560 of 19/05/2010, compared to one adopted in June 2014. Furthermore, a corporate governance framework has been created, and shall be applied within industrial Foundations.Many of the recommendation the commission presented in the report, have been implemented by legislature into the new Act. for industrial foundations. The major changes in the new Act. are the legal definition of industrial foundations, corporate governance, duties of the board, donation, change in capital, dissolving industrial foundations and fusions. There has also been a trend to incorporate the rules directly into the Act. itself, rather than issuing executive orders or recommendations from the Danish Business Authorities etc. The changes in the new Act. for industrial foundations are in many ways a harmonization between the legislation for public and private limited companies and industrial foundations. Many of the new initiatives legislature have applied in the new Act., gives the industrial foundations a possibility to conduct their business at the same terms as the public and private limited companies. In a world where the need for businesses to act global, it is positive to see that the legislation is modernised, so industrial foundations can conduct their business in the years to come with the flexibility and constant care that are required for them to continue to be benefactors to the Danish society

EducationsMSc in Auditing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages90