Challenges and Opportunities Launching New Canned Seafood Products to Danish Consumers

Vibeke Midttun

Student thesis: Master thesis


There is little research in the field of canned seafood and especially research is missing when it comes to product packaging cues and how these can influence the consumer’s decision-making process. The leading international consumer research company A.G Nielsen, has stated that consumers worldwide are likely to have similar responses to many FMCG products. Therefore, understanding issues that concern consumers motivation and attitudes in a highly competitive packaged food market should provide a useful guide for stakeholders working within this industry. The objective of this research can be seen as two fold. First, it aims to understand the industry by describing challenges for new entrants in the Danish canned seafood market. Secondly, the study investigates consumer’s behavior towards low-involvements products, more specifically canned seafood products. By looking into the industry, this research addresses the linkage between these two angles, which is underrepresented in prior literature. To obtain a profound and holistic understanding of the industry, mixed-methods of research have been applied, which include both qualitative and quantitative data collection. Moreover, to structure the overall methodology chapter the ‘Research Onion’ was followed as guidance. The findings may thus not fully reflect consumer responses in actual retail purchase situations, as research methods have been conducted outside an in-store environment. This may limit the applicability of the experimental findings to a real shopping situation. The key findings from this research are as following: The canned seafood industry is a highly competitive market to enter, due to the challenges of Brand Differentiation and Product Familiarity. It will, therefore, be challenging for a new entrant to launch a product, unless it is superior in terms of taste, convenience and with an acceptable price. From consumers standpoint, several findings surfaced: Lack of Knowledge, Price Consciousness, Low Level of Brand Loyalty, Importance of Convenience, Product Involvement, Challenging to Distinguish Between Sensory Sspect of Price/Quality, and Importance of Product Packaging.

EducationsMSc in Brand and Communications Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2015
Number of pages175