Medarbejderes kompensationspakker: Hvordan motiverer man medarbejderne for at opnå en øget effektivitet

Pia Tregub & Semra Tural

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis examines the part of human resource management dealing with motivating employees. The purpose is to examine and discuss the challenge of motivating employees. Because of the latest recession a lot of companies have a tendency to focus on the challenges of the economic situation, therefore forgetting that employees are a very important resource in a modern knowledge society. The companies faulty lack of focus on their organization can easily end up being a much more expensive affaire immediately as well as in the future. Unmotivated employees can result in frustration and bad behavior among them. This may lead to expensive costs for the companies both trust-wise and economically. The lack of confidence will affect the desire to work negatively, and it can result in manipulative behavior, thus harming the company. These issues lead us to look at the consequences of not focusing on the employees and how this focus should be formed, in order to capture all employees. Therefore, this thesis will also analyze which kinds of tools the employer can use to keep their employees motivated while keeping a healthy balance between the economic goals and the human resources. It is considered to be desirable to strive for intrinsic motivation, because the employees obtain a type of motivation which gives a considerable commitment, better performance, and a greater psychological wellbeing for the employees in the long run. It is not only one motivating factor that determines whether the employee is motivated or not, but rather the sum of series of motivational factors. We conclude that it is motivating to the employees to know what is required of them in their work. Theoretically, as well as empirically, we furthermore conclude that if the employee feels he is not measured in a fair manner, it will result in a decrease in motivation. Finally, the company must keep in mind that the way employees are paid can be differentiated in order to induce the desired work culture, just as it is important to incorporate the type of work and responsibilities, in order for the compensation package to be present and have an actual influence on the employees.

EducationsMSc in Human Resource Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2013
Number of pages162