Mangfoldighedsledelse som afsæt for kulturel intelligens: Et case study ved IBM Danmark A/S

Anna Elsa Leclercq Vrang

Student thesis: Master thesis


Diversity management and cultural intelligence are both fairly new concepts in Human Resource Management, but a relation between these two concepts is presented in this thesis. The thesis examines diversity management and cultural intelligence’s content and application through a review of existing knowledge and discussions in the literature. Hereby, an examination of the diversity management discourse, in a specific organizational context, is pursued in order to illustrate how this discourse constructs a certain reality which influences the perceptions about the diverse workforce. In this way, it is demonstrated how the culture of an organizations and its diversity management discourse are of importance to the perceptions of differences between employees in a specific organizational setting. At the same time, the importance of understanding individuals as complex human beings which have different belonging and therefore not necessarily hold the same perceptions about differences is emphasized. Thus, the discursive practices will be analyzed in order to gain insight into the construction of social reality inside the specific organizational context. Equally, an analysis of power relations and power/knowledge relationships which affect the discursive practices and thus the expression of diversity in the organization are made. Finally, this thesis will unite the concept of cultural intelligence to diversity management in order to illustrate how cultural intelligence can help to cope with and overcome challenges in working with diversity.

EducationsMSc in Human Resource Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2009
Number of pages146