”Hverdagsvisionæren”: Vejen til en vinderkultur i Idébanken

Tobias Dannemann Christensen Enné & Rasmus Bach Andersen

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis seeks to find out how to create a winning culture within Idébanken. Since the term ‘winning culture’ is surrounded by ambiguity, it is concluded that leadership is the right solution to solving this problem. This thesis uses the social constructivist perspective on leadership and communication which means that one cannot objectively propose a solution to a leadership problem. Hence, leadership is viewed as a trinity, consisting of the following elements: Leader, follower and context. In this context, it is argued that Thomas Heilskov should take the leadership role. The first part of the analysis is a situation analysis in which relevant elements of Idébanken are examined. After that, the findings from the situation analysis are distilled and split up into different sections, as this categorisation enables better coupling to the selected leadership theories. In the following section, the actual coupling is made. In the thesis, a wide range of leadership theories comes into play. As a result, there is an intermediate discussion. This discussion examines the range of leadership styles which are used later in the process. In this discussion, it is found that it is beneficial to provide a hybrid model. As argued, leadership communication is an abstract field, and is therefore not easily accessible to followers. Therefore, it is chosen to create a new metaphor – The Everyday Visionary. The creation of a leadership metaphor enables an easier sensemaking process for Thomas Heilskov and also simplifies the task of implementing this new style of leadership. This leadership strategy enables the co-creation of a common vision and values and the empowerment of followers. This leads to the establishment of an empowered dynamic culture – a culture which is efficient when it comes to creating a winning culture. In the discussion of this thesis, the pitfalls and blind spots of social constructivism, leaderism and essentialization are discussed. The discussion concludes that the findings of the thesis confidently points to the fact that a winning culture can be created using leadership. Thereby, it is evident that The Everyday Visionary, and thus leadership, can create a winning culture in Idébanken.

EducationsMSc in Business Administration and Organizational Communication, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2012
Number of pages188