Styr dig! Hvordan selvledelse hænger sammen med styring

Lykke Jensen, Marie-Helene Olsen & Christian Sørensen

Student thesis: Master executive thesis


How does self-management connect with control? The question poses a paradox, because the two phenomena self-management and control contradict each other. We pursue this paradox all through the thesis. Our epistemological basis is social reality, and we believe in the social construction of concepts, logics and truths. Therefore this thesis will not claim to have the answer i.e. one answer to our question. On the contrary, the thesis shows how the different ways to handle the paradox becomes just the right solution for the right person at the right time. Truth is plural. The thesis shows that there is self-management. This view is supported Betina W. Rennisons history of management semantics in the 20th century and by Kurt Klaudi Klausens empirically based account of the organizational forms in public management. The view is also supported by our own empirical study of 6 institution leaders in Copenhagen. However, our study also shows the opposite of self-management. It shows that the 6 leaders are being managed themselves to a high degree. They are controlled by management tools and isomorphism. Through the two theoretical perspectives we analyse the 6 leaders’ presentation of their leadership, and it is shown by analysis that it is possible to exercise control in a selfmanagement context through these tools and mechanisms. The conclusion shows that the 6 institution leaders in different ways handle the paradox; to manage by yourself and to let yourself be managed, by making the two opposites meet. The point of the thesis is that the modern public manager needs two kinds of competencies, pointing in opposite directions: the qualification to manage and to be managed, to do it yourself and to let your self be done. It demands a dual strategic ability to know when and how you are to choose which role. The thesis shows several ways in which you can think strategic about strategy. In the final “Catalogue of Paradox Management” we have collected a number of the ways in which the 6 institution leaders are handling the paradox.

EducationsMaster of Public Administration, (Executive Master Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2011
Number of pages182