Digital ledelse

Dorte Trier Schleidt

Student thesis: Master executive thesis


This thesis titled Digital Leadership encloses my Master of Public Governance. My motivation for choosing Digital Leadership as the theme for the thesis is the introduction of The Code for Digital Leadership in Fredensborg Kommune, where I am the head of the Public Dental Care. The Code for Digital Leadership is the only leadership code in Fredensborg Kommune, and its introduction has aroused my curiosity, and has lead me to particular thoughts about the context within the Code is given and about its implications. The thesis analyses the description and the interpretation of digital leadership, and analyses how digital leadership as concept has become that widespread based on theories of IT governance, Digital Era Governance, Public Governance and Management Fashion. The empirical foundation consist of four interviews; three of the represented interviews were conducted in association with professional experts (Det Digital Råd, Tænketanken Public Governance and KL) and one interview was conducted in my own organization (Fredensborg Kommune). The analysis framework of the different governance theories identifies a significant variety in description, interpretation and in the explanation for the widespread of digital leadership as concept. The analysis framework of the theory of management fashion – “a relatively transitory collective belief, that a management technique leads rational management progress” - identifies Digital Leadership as management fashion, which could explain the widespread of the concept. Per se, management fashion is not objective, and according to the management fashion theory, the organizations describes and interpreters the substance according to their own needs and preferences, which could explain the great variety in description and in interpretation. For my personal leadership, the implication of the findings is the comprehension of The Code as an inspiration, and not as an instruction manual, as Digital Leadership is shown not to be definitive neither absolute.

EducationsMaster of Public Governance, (Executive Master Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2015
Number of pages54