The Transposition of Culinary Models: New Nordic Cuisine in Italy

Paolo Tamborini

Student thesis: Master thesis


In the last years New Nordic Cuisine has gained international recognition, while it remained confined within the boundaries of Nordic countries. This project deals with the transposition of New Nordic Cuisine in Italy, maintaining an entrepreneurial approach in the view of a potential opening of the first New Nordic Cuisine restaurant in Italy. Starting from a framing of the culinary and gastronomic industry within the sector of the Creative industries, literature from the fields of National cultures, organizational translation and legitimization and identity is reviewed, in order to give this study a solid theoretical foundation. Through the elaboration of cross-cultural studies from the perspective of Denmark and Italy, insights into the two national cultures are gained, useful for drawing practical managerial considerations. This study has a qualitative nature. The sources of empirical data are interviews and a survey. In one case also a field visit was performed. The interviews were performed with a semi-structured approach following the guidelines of the qualitative interview. The survey does not follow a quantitative approach. Through the interviews and analysis of cases, emerged the importance of maintaining a clear Nordic identity for New Nordic Cuisine in Italy. At the same time the Italian public thinks that an integration with Italian elements is needed in order to transpose successfully the Nordic cuisine. This apparent contradiction is resolved in the practical solution of adopting a mixed Danish and Italian staff in a New Nordic Cuisine restaurant in Italy. An overview of the restaurant industry in Italy is provided, and Milan is individuated as the best possible location for a New Nordic Cuisine restaurant in Italy.

EducationsMSocSc in Management of Creative Business Processes , (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2013
Number of pages73