Har vi en plan? Strategisk ledelse og sociale relationer mellem undervisere og studerende i kontaktlærertimer

Daniel Blum

Student thesis: Master executive thesis


This master project examines whether specific affiliated instructors (class teachers) work strategi-cally to form social relationships with the students, in the part of the lesson/teaching time which is not directly connected to an academic subject but which have other matters as their focus area in the class (class teacher’s lesson) at the HG Division of EUC Nordsjælland. The project's analysis is based on qualitative data gained through interviews and observations by teachers and students. Kurt Klaudi Klausen is the primarily used theorist whose definition of strategic management and theory of the many arenas forms the basis for analysis. In addition, the project is based on the theory/theories of/by Finn Borum, Geoff Mulgan and Kenneth J. Gergen. The project's final conclusion demonstrates that teachers generally do not work strategically to form social relationships with the students. The research also claims that they have not formu-lated a change strategy to achieve this. Teachers have rather more a dynamic and context-dependent approach. For students this dynamic approach is seen as something positive, being understood as a democ-ratic forum, where instructors and students have a common ownership Both teachers and students point out that there are special positive opportunities to form social relationships in this part of the lesson/teaching time, and the importance of this opportunity. The analysis also shows that students are primarily interested in forming social relationships in relation to three specific matters; the productive, social and aesthetic. However, students do not perceive the value-based and abstract themes as being of interest.

EducationsMaster of Public Governance, (Executive Master Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2011
Number of pages102