Revisors etik og adfærd ved arbejde med kriseramte virksomheder

Simon Bach Nielsen

Student thesis: Master thesis


The global financial crisis that struck the world a few years ago created new conditions for Danish Auditors. Many Danish companies are today affected by the crisis, which has resulted in new working conditions for Auditors. First of all Danish companies are now forced to focus on costs, which means that the price for the auditor's work is declining due to increased competition. This is a result of the fact that companies can’t afford to pay Auditors, but also a result of the fact that many Danish Auditors are lowering their prices in order to keep and attract new clients. A consequence of the crisis is also that auditors in larger scale may have trouble recovering fees for their work and the risk of losing profit is hence increased. Another consequence of the financial crisis is that the auditors to a greater extend will experience issues regarding the auditing, which have the potential to create conflict in the client relationship. The Issues may refer to the conditions surrounding business continuity, suspect of economic crimes, a restriction of the scope of the auditor's work, etc. Such issues may force the Auditors to confront their clients, what can probably result in risk of losing their client and in some circumstances maybe even their fee, The purpose of this thesis is, on the basis of the relevant Danish regulation for Auditors, to analyze how the auditor should act in specified situations that arise in working with companies in difficulties. The first part of this thesis focuses on parts of the Danish Regulation for Auditors that is relevant for the presented issues in the second part of the thesis. The purpose of the first part of the thesis is not to describe a general part of Danish Regulation, but only to describe what is relevant to the issues presented in the second part. Main focus in the first part is hence on the code of ethics and relevant ISA standards, etc. The second part of the thesis is divided in to 7 chapters, which each focuses on a specified issue in an Auditors work with companies in difficulties. The Issues concern problems regarding payment, business continuity, economic crimes, restrictions in the work of the Auditor, Reconstruction of a company etc. The thesis include a conclusion on every single issue, which concludes on the work of the Auditor and what behavior would be correct based on the code of ethics and relevant regulation. The thesis ends with a conclusion that sums up issues and behavior about an auditors work with companies in crisis.

EducationsMSc in Auditing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2012
Number of pages85