Corporate brand strength: Building a strong corporate vision and image through the corporate executive brand

Lisa Benn Sørensen

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis explores and develops the concept of corporate executive branding (CEB) in theory and in practice, with the aim to develop new knowledge within the area. This thesis sets out to answer the following: “How can the “corporate executive brand” strengthen the corporate brand’s vision and image? And how can the corporate brand and the executive brand be aligned?” In the business society as it is today the intensifying competition between companies offering almost similar products and services, demand a need for more effective branding and a strong brand identity. Strong brands are built through identity-based brand management and internal role models that represent the brand identity. Working strategically with CEB within the corporate brand can increase the corporate and competitive strength and differentiate the company with more outspelled POD and unique corporate storytelling. From discussing and reflecting on the findings in the empirical case study and theoretical analysis, I found that CEB offer the opportunity to humanize the corporation through his or her personality, and create identification between the executive and the stakeholders. Consumers value the identification and build their image on the personality and actions of the CEB. Additionally, the CEB has a huge responsibility for living the brand promise, and make the vision clear, consistent and understandable among the employees. The notion of CEB personality holds that if congruity between the brand personality and stakeholders self-image exists, they are likely to feel committed to the corporate brand and thus become willing to engage in communities, which is reflected in a foundation for a valuable consumer brand relationship or more motivated and inspired employees. Therefore, companies ought to explore how to align the corporate and CEB in order to strengthen the corporate brand and close potential value gabs. Furthermore, to connect vision and values of the brands in a strong identity. Additionally. to allow leaders to maintain their personal brand without compromising the value of the company or company valued customer and employees relationships. Ten recommendations were deployed as guidance for how to use the CEB to strengthen the corporate brand. Since in the future, corporate executive branding is the key to corporate winning!

EducationsMSc in Brand and Communications Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2011
Number of pages97