Knowledge Management: A case study of knowledge enhancing processes within a project-based organization

Julio Llanes & Stine Fiskbæk

Student thesis: Master thesis


The thesis investigates the challenges of retaining and leverage organizational knowledge within the creative industry. Faced with complex creative processes and a still growing interest and acknowledgement of the creative industry, this industry must address the balance of art versus profit in order to survive. Based on this perspective, the main focus of the thesis is to identify how creative organizations with their complex processes can be managed in order to extract and make use of the knowledge within the organization, without constraining creative processes. The research is based on a case study of the documentary film festival CPH:DOX. The case has been chosen as it represents some of the most significant characteristics of the creative industry and tries to argue whether a creative organization can implement Knowledge Management and Human Resource Management techniques to optimize the organization. The thesis employs three theoretical frameworks. Firstly, theories on Organizational Management are applied to achieve an understanding of how processes are different in the creative industry and specifically in those organizations characterized by projects. Secondly, Knowledge Management theories are used to gain insight in how organizations may engage in knowledge sharing processes in order to improve competencies and make their business more effective. Thirdly, theories on Human Resource Management are applied as it is found that Knowledge Management has its roots in the individual, so in order to understand what motivate Knowledge Management this layer needs to be added. In the analysis, we have investigated CPH:DOX with the purpose of identifying gaps and or similarities between our empirical world and the theory, and based on this, examined the possibilities and limitations of the organization in terms of embracing managerial tools like knowledge management. Based on these findings the thesis concludes that it is possible and beneficial for project-based organizations within the creative industry to integrate some of the Knowledge Management and Human Resource Management tools. This has lead to a number of propositions as to how CPH:DOX can strengthen its business and at the same time remain true to the vision by combining the case study with our selected research methods and strategies, we are able to create a set of propositions that can help administrate the growth and, at the same time, nurse the creativity of a creative organization. On the basis of this we argue that a thorough understanding of how the interns act will provide a more effective and integrated culture of sharing knowledge.

EducationsMSocSc in Management of Creative Business Processes , (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2013
Number of pages131