Indvandrerdebatten som politisk og strategisk kommunikation: Ligheder og forskelle mellem Dansk Folkeparti og Radikale Venstre

Michala Osbeck Hansen

Student thesis: Master thesis


The relationship between political and strategic communication based on two different political parties in the Danish parliament Folketinget is the cores of this thesis. The issue investigated is the use of political and strategic communication of the two Danish political parties Dansk Folkeparti and Radikale Venstre. This thesis is only concerned with communication about immigrations and refugee policy. In the first part, a literature review of the used theories and theorist are provided. The theories are the academic background for the later analysis. In the second part the term “political communication” is introduced, which are the framework of the thesis. The next part is the analysis, where the two parties’ political communication first is analyzed separately. Afterwards is an analysis of the conflict and the communication where the other party is mentioned. Lastly is the differences and the similarities between the two parties’ communication discussed together with a general discussion on the relationship between strategical and political communication. The results show that despite their very different opinions on immigrations and refugees the two parties used very similar communication when communication their statements. It also shows that the parties political communication has many indications that leads to strategic communication. The author explains this due to a development in the society.

EducationsMSc in Business Administration and Organizational Communication, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2020
Number of pages146
SupervisorsØjvind Larsen