Sundhedsprofessionelles Sektorskift Fortællinger om at arbejde i den offentlige og private sektor

Hanne Harpøth Abildstrøm

Student thesis: Master executive thesis


This thesis is based on semi-structured interviews with three doctors and two nurses specialised within the field of anaesthesiology and with working experience from both the private and public health sector in Denmark. I present their narratives of the two sectors and explore what different types of motivation are at stake for the two types of professionals in the two sectors. I also present their reasons for sector switching, bidirectional. The narratives told of the private health sector have a focus on efficiency and hospitality of the staff working together perfectly as a team in the operation theatre. All employees are middle-aged and well-trained within their field. However, there are only minor possibilities to continue the development of skills. The patients have undergone selection and suffer only from less complicated diseases and the treatments offered by the private hospital are of a standard type. The salary is higher and working hours are less at more pleasant hours. The public sector offers more challenging patient cases and has a wide range of different medical specialities giving the opportunity to establish a strong colleague net-work, which is especially appreciated by the doctors. The daily working life is under the influence of bureaucracy and the working flow is less pronounced as the different team members of the operation team seems to pursue different goals. A large burden of education of younger colleagues is reported to rest upon the professionals causing a lower efficiency and maybe lower quality in the services provided There are types of inner and outer motivation in both sectors, but differences are reported. Especially the doctors have a higher level of autonomy in the private sector, but the level of competence is higher in the public sector for both types of professionals. Job security is valued higher in the public sector, and more economic incentives are reported in the private sector. Within public service motivation, nurses put more emphasis on compassion and user-orientation, and doctors have more focus on public interest and attraction to policy-making. The reasons given by doctors and nurses for switching from public to private sector are better working hours at a better salary. The cost is the absence of challenging patient cases. Better job security and more interesting job tasks are reported as reasons to return to the public sector.

EducationsMaster of Health Management, (Executive Master Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages56