Virksomheders incitamenter bag samt afkast af investeringer i samfundsansvar: En analyse af virksomheders integrering af regler for samfundsansvar i deres forretningsaktiviteter og strategier mellem påbud og incitament

Mohanad Mansour

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis discusses the incentives for Danish businesses behind their investments in CSR, and the returns related to these investments. In the beginning, definitions of CSR and the requirements that apply to the Danish market were mentioned. Danish businesses that are subject to the Danish CSR management letter demands which include 1.100 businesses have since early 2009 been obliged to relate to their work with CSR in their annual reporting. Among these businesses, there are many who, within the Danish CSR statement requirement came into force, were reporting through a Sustainability Report. There is always a consideration that each business may address when it is working with CSR. It is the question of how many resources it is able to spend on CSR. Working with CSR has its cost on the businesses, either by putting administrative strains or through pressing to work with CSR related projects and investments. In short term that might reduce competitiveness but studies show that in long term it will pay off. Businesses incentives due to work with CSR are a balance of two extreme motives that is the value and ethics-based motive and the earnings-based motive. What drives the businesses to work with CSR is its internal commitment to CSR. But businesses are further influenced by the society where it is located, what makes some demands, expectations and desires for businesses. Therefore, businesses are also motivated by responses from the society which is either a new legislation or expectations from society because of changes in values and norms for CSR. Changes in values and ethics of CSR are influenced by changes in four factors, namely: time, place, circumstances and norms. Changes in these four factors are affecting society's values and ethics of CSR. Results from CSR depend upon investors’ convincement, i.e. if they believe that CSR positively or negatively affect their financial return. If investors are convinced that working with CSR will give financial returns, then it will have a positive influence on the relationship between financial return and CSR and a return will actually be achieved by businesses. Finally, this thesis aims that studying the relationship between businesses and society will contribute to a more optimistic view of the financial return due to CSR application.

EducationsMSc in Auditing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2011
Number of pages94