Production of cross media fiction: The case of DR Fiction

Klaus Lykke

Student thesis: Master thesis


Seen from a coordination perspective, the purpose of this thesis is to study the challenges and opportunities for production of cross media fiction in a broadcasting corporation. In this context cross media fiction is the integration of a TV series and Web content into a coherent entertainment universe. Little to no research has this far studied the strategic and day-to-day implications of this field in spite of the increasing convergence of the media market. The triangular production relationship between the TV unit, the Web unit and the Editor units related to DR Fiction is studied inside Danish Broadcasting Corporation. Focal attention is given to the Web unit as a newcomer to the world of fiction. Ten interviews are conducted which provide data to the analysis and discussion. Key findings stress the required understanding of two complimentary aspects to improve coordination: (1) a lateral financing system to visualize and prioritize cross media commissioning must be in place and the transparency of Web production costs must be sought, and (2) the range of strategic legitimacy sources to cross media production must be understood and a conscious legitimacy strategy with bases of local management and TV unit support must be developed. Moreover, the interviewed participants in the TV unit and Web unit have many creative and relevant ideas for future collaborations; however, the well intended ideas are irrelevant without the required support. Based on the key findings, two new coordination mechanisms are created and introduced to improve the cross media coordination. A draft to a cross media category system was made where the benefits of central financial coordination seem to outweigh the costs. This facilitates a closer cost and finance coordination between the Editor units and serves as a liaison device for cross media commissioning priorities to DR Fiction. Then, a manipulation legitimacy strategy was introduced to positively manipulate the cross media production environment of DR Fiction in an incremental fashion.

EducationsMSocSc in Management of Creative Business Processes , (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2010
Number of pages226