Wound, Interrupted: On the Vulnerability of Diversity Management

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    This thesis is about diversity; or more precisely it is a critical investigation into the ethical foundation of diversity management. We are in our daily lives, business as well as private life encountered by, surrounded by and influenced by diversity. After all, the world we live in is inhabited by a civilization with unstable boundaries, continually changing its form, and these inhabitants all have different lifestyles, cultures, looks, norms and values. The world is not uniform, and we are flooded with diverse and contradictory fragments of impressions, theories and stories (see for example Sim, 2001, Anderson, 1996, Berlin, 1996, Smart, 1993). Because of this, rationality has expanded to go beyond the cognitive and scientific area to also include among other things ethical and aesthetic domains of life (see for example Strati, 1999, Linstead and Höpfl, 2000, Parker, 1998). On this view, the social can also be analyzed in terms of paradoxes and indeterminacy; thus, the human being is rejected as being the centre of rational control and understanding (Cooper and Burrell, 1988). As a consequence, progressive conflicts between an increasing number of grand narratives (Lyotard, 1999) that try to explain our world have ended up weakening them all. It has become difficult to believe in them, as many of them contradict each other. What is left, according to Kvale (1996), is a liberating nihilism, a living with the here and now, where local and personal responsibility for actions here and now, therefore, becomes crucial. This ‘liberating’ nihilism, however, also brings frustration, as it is difficult for the individual to identify itself and others as well as building relations in a world full of opportunities and choices. In this thesis, I will investigate this vacuum of personal responsibility and ethics in a diverse world.
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    Publication statusPublished - 2009
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