Performing Organizational Atmosphere: An Ontology of the In-between

Lydia Jørgensen

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    The aim of the paper is to present organizational atmosphere as a potential ontology of the in-between, emphasizing the interplay of designed space and the daily performance of organization. Based on the neo-phenomenological apprehension of atmosphere as going beyond the dualist divide and instead focusing on the relational, it thematises the in-between resonating with Klee’s idea of ‘Zwischenwelt’ and Guillet de Monthoux’ 3rd aesthetic space. The argument is that conceiving the atmospheric as an in-between accentuates a dynamic perspective on time-space constituting a sensory process-oriented performance to be situationally unfolded. This in-between may, already and always, be seen as both a being-in (In sein) and a co-being (Mitsein), however also holding the promise of a becoming. Accordingly, it reflects into a dynamic understanding of organizational performance and the process of performing. Discussing performance in relation to organizational atmosphere as the in-between giving attention to the affective and moving qualities, leads itself to an ontological questioning of rather ‘how and where organizations are’ than ‘what they are’. The paper intends further to develop the argument of an ontology of the in-between by integrating ethnographic material gathered from the fieldwork of the PhD project. The fieldwork done in an architectural firm and a public sector organization is being finalized in December 2017. Through ethnographic methods architectural design processes and the movement of an organization into new facilities have been followed as a way to explore organizational atmospheres.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication date2018
    Publication statusPublished - 2018
    EventThe Art of Management & Organization Conference. AoMO 2018 - Brighton, United Kingdom
    Duration: 30 Aug 20182 Sept 2018
    Conference number: 9


    ConferenceThe Art of Management & Organization Conference. AoMO 2018
    Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
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    • Organization
    • Atmosphere
    • Ontology of in-between
    • Performance
    • Architecture

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