Noise and Silence in the Hearing Instrument Industry

Kristina Lee, Peter Lotz

Research output: Working paperResearch

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This working paper was initiated on the basis of our joint interest in the hearing instrumentsindustry. We represent two different departments at the Copenhagen Business School andhave, therefore, in many ways very different research traditions. Furthermore, Kristina Lee isinvolved in the industry on a daily basis through her Industrial Research program. Thisconnection has produced insights which also spurred many a discussion.The research has spanned about 13 months of effort, although at various levels of intensities,and it has been highly explorative. Our curiosity has produced a vast number of observationsand the present report is, thus, certainly more comprehensive, but also perhaps with moreperspectives than planned.We expect it to be used for three different purposes. Firstly, as an in-depth analysis of theindustry, particularly providing some explanation for the observed stability of market structureover time in the face of technological innovations. Secondly, the report may serve as teachingmaterial supplementing theoretical treatments in industry analysis and technology strategy.Finally, the research report may serve as a springboard for future research.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationCopenhagen
PublisherInstitut for Industriøkonomi og Virksomhedsstrategi, Handelshøjskolen i København
Number of pages73
Publication statusPublished - 1998
SeriesWorking Paper / Department of Industrial Economics and Strategy. Copenhagen Business School

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