Governance Needs for Promoting Green Employment in India’s Artisanal Bamboo Industry

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This paper draws out key learnings related to improving governance systems to create opportunities for green job creation through the growth of India’s artisanal bamboo industry. India houses millions of bamboo artisans often working in micro-enterprises in remote communities that suffer from high levels of poverty. Multiple opportunities exist for these artisans to increase their bamboo-related income. The products these artisans create provide functional and decorative uses that could appeal to diverse consumer groups. In addition, these products, which typically use sustainable techniques and materials, can act as replacements for many less sustainable items as bamboo is often more environmentally friendly than other raw materials (e.g., plastic, timber, or metal). Thus, helping India’s bamboo artisans to expand and improve their production and link to new markets, can help to reduce poverty and address global environmental challenges.
Original languageEnglish
Place of Publication New Delhi
PublisherFoundation for MSME Clusters (FMC)
Number of pages91
Publication statusPublished - 2022

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