Foreign Operation Modes

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In this entry, we account for research on foreign operation modes (FOMs) with an emphasis on the dynamic aspect— i.e., the decisions to expand, switch and add operation modes in a foreign country after initial entry. As highlighted in the entry on foreign entry mode, the overwhelming bulk of research has focused on the mode chosen by a company at the moment in time when it decides to go into a particular location to pursue some business activity there. While research on initial entry mode choices has developed into a mature international business (IB) sub-field, studies of firms’ post-entry decisions are somewhat fewer and in general of a newer date.
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Title of host publicationEncyclopedia of International Strategic Management
EditorsChristian Geisler Asmussen, Niron Hashai, Dana Minbaeva
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Publication date2024
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  • Foreign operation modes
  • Expansion
  • Within-mode changes
  • Multiple modes
  • Mode dynamics

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