Digital Business Transformation in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Darshana Sedera, Chee-Wee Tan*, Dongming Xu

*Corresponding author for this work

Research output: Contribution to journalEditorialpeer-review


This editorial is written at an unprecedented time in human history, when the entire world is engulfed with the effects of COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has taken lives of millions of people, destroyed families, and disrupted the livelihoods of hundreds of millions more. Isolations, lockdowns, and restricted movements threaten to hamper business and unravel the social fabric of the contemporary world. With widespread movement restrictions, human resilience is put to the test, manifesting through the digitalization of businesses, governments, and societies. Consequently, digital business transformation can be conceived as the single most important force to thrive in an exceptional time. In this special issue, we include seven insightful and well-executed research articles that advances contemporary knowledge on digital business transformation in the domains of innovation and entrepreneurship. We believe that these articles are only pertinent to the current circumstances where innovation and entrepreneurship are inevitably digitally-driven, but they are also likely to be relevant beyond the pandemic where digitalization would become the new norm in business transformation.
Original languageEnglish
Article number103620
JournalInformation & Management
Issue number3
Number of pages3
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2022

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Published online: 16 February 2022.


  • Digital business transformation
  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship

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