D6.5 Report on Cities-4-People Communication Activitites and Events

Isabel Froes, Julie Nygaard

Research output: Book/ReportReportResearch


The 6.5 report presents the overall results of the first version of the Cities-4People (C4P) project Dissemination, Awareness Raising and Communication Plan (DARCP, M3). The project dissemination and communication activities have reached over 43 thousand people through a total of 271 actions in the first 18 months.
This reach, although large, also covers emails and attended events, such as conferences, which means that the project has been exposed widely, however it does not correspond to the number of people who have actually engaged with the project, which has been much smaller. The actions, which reflect both events and activities have reached a relevant audience, with people belonging to distinct groups in society and in this way, the DARCP has helped the project engage local citizens to create a local mobility and transportation aware community. In this report we present the project DARCP activities divided into Project Actions and External Actions in order to better assess the types of activities and their audience reach.
The C4P project has also engaged a relevant group of stakeholders, who have been key towards informing important aspects, such as technical or law requirements, which inform the decision-making process for the next phase of the C4P project. The project events, which have been carried out as some of the project actions, have proved to be a valuable approach to reach and engage these stakeholders.
Overall, the DARCP has been successful in reaching most of the Dissemination Targets as described in the GA (presented on D6.2). Among these, Project Actions, such as the creation of the Mobility Labs, and Social Media accounts, such as Twitter and Facebook, have proved effective in their reach and as project communication actions. Some External Actions have also indicated a positive result, with participation in local events, synergies with related projects and participation in international conferences being the most impactful in the case of C4P.
However, the DARCP needs to be adjusted to improve on some of our weaker results towards helping the project in its final 18 months. For example, we need to strengthen our academic exposure with more academic articles and business reports, towards disseminating our project process results widely, in order for the process to be replicated in other similar contexts. We also need to update our website to offer more content to the local mobility communities involved in the project. Furthermore, if we want to engage a wider professional community and have a higher exposure to the project videos, we need to revise our strategy to strengthen the project via other social media outlets, such as YouTube and Linkedin.
For the next phases of the project, the DARCP aims to increase the awareness of the C4P as a whole to a wider audience, and to provide knowledge regarding the upcoming interventions and scaling phases. The DARCP is key towards the success and greater impact of the upcoming project activities, and consequently the use of diverse media outlets to broaden reach in order to strengthen the project process.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationFrederiksberg
PublisherCities-4-People Consortium
Number of pages4
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2018

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