Business Models and Case Development for iPRODUCE cMDFs

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Task 7.2 focuses on developing a business model covering iPRODUCE cMDFs cases and processes. Through a series of workshops, shared visions and service plans were co-created during the first phase of the task. The Business Model Canvas template was applied to co-develop each local cMDF business model in order to fit with specific social, economic and political contexts. By having these customised business models, we were able to identify the intersecting aspects regarding service offerings and market opportunities to build novel cross-contextual business strategies with focus on consumer driven design and production. The business models were complemented by a value proposition assessment of these models including (a) Gains, positive aspects of the service proposition; (b) Pains, problematic aspects challenging the optimal experience; and (c) Customer jobs, what do customers need to do in order to engage with the service/product. Deliverable 7.2 presents the first set of Business Models for the iPRODUCE cMDFs. We first introduce the tools and the approach used in workshops for the co-development of the main service offerings and how they align with the iPRODUCE platform. Furthermore, the workshops also focused on mapping existing barriers that need overcoming and on how the platform can aid this shortcoming, while also providing a valuable space to exploit available assets. In the second leg of this task, we will carry out a second round of Business Model workshops to assess the assets, value and impact of iPRODUCE platform in relation to the service offerings and value propositions of the project cMDFs in comparison to the anticipated business models presented on this deliverable. This will be presented in D7.3.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages96
Publication statusPublished - 2021
SeriesiProduce Project Deliverables

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