Biosemiotics: The Consequences of the Foundational Nature of Autopoisemiotic Agency

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Mechanicism as well as system science and cybernetics have deep problems explaining how the emergence of experiential consciousness is possible. Even autopoietic bio-constructivism as well as codebiology lacks a phenomenological aspect. System science has an emergentist self-organizing theory, but does not seem to have theoretical means to model the emergence of to the experiential aspect of reality from a material. Codebiology attempts to solve this by am emergentist view of codes, but cannot explain this new emergence of codes that creates new realities. Pierce’s semiotics has the advantage of being able include an interpretative agency dynamics in its view of reality. Peirce’s semiotics is the only known evolutionary process philosophy that includes phenomenology, in its metaphysical foundation and creates a partly empirical based epistemology. But Peirce also assigns a type of agency to signs – especially symbols - which make it possible to operate with agency as ontologically based in the dynamics of symbols, in a process view that goes beyond ordinary objective idealism.
Original languageEnglish
Publication date2017
Publication statusPublished - 2017
Event13th IASS-AIS World Congress of Semiotics IASS: CROSS-INTER-MULTI-TRANS - Kaunas University of Technology, Kaunas, Lithuania
Duration: 26 Jun 201730 Jun 2017
Conference number: 13


Conference13th IASS-AIS World Congress of Semiotics IASS
LocationKaunas University of Technology


  • Ontology
  • Evolution
  • Phaneroscophy
  • Agency

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