Analyzing Data for Business Decisions: A Concise Guide for Novices

Phillip C. Nell

Research output: Book/ReportBookCommunication


Many businesses experience that more data is available (e.g. log data or data from machines and sensors), that storage of that data is constantly becoming cheaper, and that versatile analytics software and powerful processing is now widespread and readily available.
Firms build on these new opportunities and address important questions such as customer experience issues, process efficiencies, as well as the issues related to the development of new products or business models. However, one important challenge seems to be that despite all these new opportunities, not all firms seem to tap fully into these opportunities.
The goal of this short guide is to make you familiar with some of these issues and to create an understanding of an analytical mindset that should guide managerial decision-making.
Specifically, after reading this guide you should:
- have refreshed some of the content of quantitative skills courses that you may - have attended at university,
- possess a better “feel” for analytical techniques,
- be able to apply some of the techniques,
- have improved your ability to ask the right questions when confronted with analytics results, and
- have improved your ability to communicate with analytics specialists.

The target reader, therefore, is a manager or management student who wishes to get a better understanding and feel for techniques but does not want to become an expert. Your profile will thus resemble more that of an Analytical Translator after having read this book.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationSeattle, WA
PublisherAmazon Kindle eBook
Number of pages67
ISBN (Electronic)9798414760481
Publication statusPublished - 2022

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