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  • 2023

    Governing a Transition Towards a Sustainable Food System

    Kugelberg, S., Leite, J. C., Sanz-Cobeña, A. & Puigdueta, I., 2023, Appetite for Change: Food System Options for Nitrogen, Environment & Health. Leip, A., Wollgast, J., Kugelberg, S., Leite, J. C., Maas, R. J. M., Mason, K. E. & Sutton, M. A. (eds.). Edinburgh: UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, p. 82-89 8 p. (European Nitrogen Assessment Special Report on Nitrogen & Food, Vol. 2).

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  • 2022

    National and Sub-national Policies and Institutions

    Dubash, N. K., Mitchell, C., Boasson, E. L., Córdova, M. J. B., Fifita, S., Haites, E., Jaccard, M., Jotzo, F., Naidoo, S., Romero-Lankao, P., Shlapak, M., Shen, W., Wu, L., Aasen, M., Bashmakov, I., Bhatia, P., Bertoldi, P., Boykoff, M., Britton, J., Burch, S., & 35 othersBurns, C., Bustamante, M., Broto, V. C., Cieszewska, B., Craig, M., de la Rue du Can, S., Fischedick, M., Fisher, D. R., Garg, A., Geden, O., Germeshausen, R., Höhne, N., Hsu, A., Jodoin, S., Iacobuta, G., Kilkis, S., Kugelberg, S., Lockwood, M., Loeschel, A., Mbow, C., Moore, B., Mulugetta, Y., Nabuurs, G-J., Nemet, G., Ndlovu, V., Newman, P., Nilsson, L. J., Ninan, K., Peszko, G., Povitkina, M., Pu, W., Pulver, S., Rogge, K., Setzer, J. & Tosun, J., 2022, Climate Change 2022: Mitigation of Climate Change. Contribution of Working Group III to the Sixth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 160 p.

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