Institutions and Trust: Crisis, Erosion, and Construction

  • Milo Shaoqing Wang (Panel member)
  • Shipeng Yan (Panel member)
  • Royston Greenwood (Panel member)
  • Michael Lounsbury (Panel member)
  • Dennis Clemens Jancsary (Panel member)
  • Fabrice Lumineau (Panel member)
  • Daokang Luo (Panel member)
  • Meyer, R. (Panel member)
  • Gerardo Patriotta (Panel member)
  • Oliver S. Schilke (Panel member)
  • Maxim Voronov (Panel member)
  • Kevin Zheng Zhou (Panel member)

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Management and organization scholars have increasingly directed their attention to the study of grand challenges such as socioeconomic inequality, job losses, climate change, and the resurgence of populism. A core aspect of these interrelated challenges concerns an accelerated decline of trust in core societal institutions such as science, the law, and democracy itself. Research on trust or institutions has a long history in the field of management and organization studies. However, relatively few scholars have adopted an institutional approach to trust. To understand trust as a complex, macro-level phenomenon, we propose a research agenda that focuses on studying the dynamic relationship between institutions and trust. This symposium includes four papers that explore important aspects of these dynamics—including how global crises endanger the perceived trustworthiness of social institutions, how the erosion of trust in institutions unfolds, how institutionalization affects the level of trust, how organizations strategically use institutions to address the loss of trust, and how they use digital technologies as a governance institution to construct trust. Our agenda opens up new opportunities for research on the co-constitution of trust and institutions.
Papers for discussion:
1) Institutional trust in the age of global crisis / by: Maxim Voronov, Schulich School of Business ; Gerardo Patriotta, University of Bath
2) The erosion of trust in modern institutions: The argumentative structures of science denial / by: Renate Elisabeth Meyer, WU Vienna & Copenhagen Business School ; Dennis Clemens Jancsary, WU Vienna
3) Trust of and in organizations: An institutional account / by: Oliver S. Schilke, University of Arizona ; Fabrice Lumineau, University of Hong Kong
4) Firm digitalization, trust, and trade credit receiving / by: Daokang Luo, Department of Management and Strategy, The University of Hong Kong ; Kevin Zheng Zhou, University of Hong Kong.
Period7 Aug 2023
Event titleThe Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2023: Putting the Worker Front and Center
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OrganiserAcademy of Management
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