Value Co-creation in a Service Context: A Case Study of Value Co-creation Between Trackunit and Mitsubishi

Lærke Arendrup Kyvsgaard & Simone Linnea Thelin

Studenteropgave: Kandidatafhandlinger


Purpose: This thesis is a qualitative study that aims at developing theory by focusing on understanding value co-creation in a service context. A central notion in the service management literature is companies’ increased focus on developing combined products and services together with customers. This latter point is known as co-creation which focuses on companies and customers becoming value co-creators. Design and Approach: Through an in-depth case study of two companies the research explores how the companies co-create value when developing a product service system. The point of departure is an understanding of value co-creation in a service context to which we apply the hermeneutic scientific paradigm and qualitative methods. Findings: The research shows that the companies collaboratively created a service oriented product service system and the co-creation process created value. The value of the solution relates to it being an integration of product and services, while the value of the collaboration relates to the co-creation theory of how the companies engage with each other. The issue of using the co-creation theory is its conceptual nature, thus proven challenging to apply in practice. The research shows that value can be explained by three forms as presented in the service management literature. We raise the question of the co-existence of the value forms and if some may precede in time. The value of the collaboration is illustrated by the interviewees from which we remain critical as to whether the value is reciprocally created. Originality: This thesis contributes to an enhanced understanding of value co-creation. The findings allow for a revision of the original DART framework, by adding three additional building blocks. Another contribution is illustrations of the value from the collaboration. The findings show that although value is perceived and described differently, there are similarities to how the value is experienced, and this allows us to present an illustrative synthesis. Additionally, we generalise the findings of this thesis into six propositions which can be used by companies who wish to engage in value co-creation in service context Service Management, (Kandidatuddannelse) Afsluttende afhandling
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VejledereClaus Varnes