The Dilemma of Organic Fruit and Vegetables Packed in Plastic: The Views of Icelandic Millennials Towards Organic Fruit and Vegetables Wrapped in Plastic

Guðrún Björg Eggertsdóttir & Sara Kristín Rúnarsdóttir

Studenteropgave: Kandidatafhandlinger


Increasing environmental awareness encourages people to be better informed and behave in a more environmentally friendly way. The demand for organic products has increased, as organic products must follow strict guidelines for maintaining sustainability. However, organic fresh fruit and vegetables are often packed in plastic packaging in grocery stores. The current research examines the effect plastic packaging has on organic fresh fruit and vegetables, among Icelandic millennials. The research is based on reviews on organic market data, packaging features and elements, plastic packaging, consumer behavior, the theory of planned behavior, and relevant previous empirical consumer studies. Moreover, it conducts seventeen qualitative interviews. The qualitative interviews included a combination of a think aloud protocol (TAP) and in-depth interviews. The overall findings indicate that Icelandic millennials face a dilemma when organic fresh fruit and vegetables are packed in plastic. Thus, the plastic packaging had a negative effect on organic fresh fruit and vegetables. The majority of participants that expressed that they valued organic fresh fruit and vegetables chose an unpacked conventional option when the organic option was packed in plastic. The researchers conclude that organic choices would increase by either removing the packaging or choosing a sustainable alternative.

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