Skotland i Storbritannien: Brexits indflydelse på the Scottish National Party’s planer for en ny uafhængighedsafstemning i Skotland

Henriette Schmidt

Studenteropgave: Kandidatafhandlinger


On 23 June 2016 the British people were to choose whether the United Kingdom would continue to be a part of the European Union. The majority of all the British people voted to leave the EU. The
results, however, were not uniform across the four regions in the UK. Wales and England voted to leave the EU but majorities in both Scotland and Northern Ireland voted for the UK to remain. The
UK is now committed to Brexit which two of the four regions did not vote for. This was especially adifficult result for the Scottish National Party (SNP), who had campaigned for Remain and they had
just been elected to govern Scotland based on a manifesto that clearly stated that they would demand a new independence referendum should the UK political structure change such as a
withdrawal from the EU.
The aim of this thesis is to investigate how Brexit has influenced Scotland’s political scene. More specifically, the focus is on the SNP and how Brexit has influenced the party’s plans for a new
independence referendum in the nearest future. It considers what political ideas and visions the SNP has for the future of Scotland and how Brexit conflicts with these plans.
The thesis begins with an explanation on how the SNP started out and what their political views and achievements are. It then moves on and considers the 2015 UK election, which was a major success
for the SNP. Following this, Brexit is examined in correlation to how the result was received in Scotland by the SNP. Subsequently follows an analysis of SNP leader and Scotland’s First Minister
Nicola Sturgeon’s speech the day after the Brexit voting that will account for the views the SNP had on the Brexit result. Thereafter comes an explanation of how the UK election transpired in 2017 and
why the SNP did not achieve a great result compared to the election in 2015. The final section of this thesis discusses what the arguments for and against a new independence referendum in
Scotland will be in the near future on the initiative of the SNP. It considers the SNP’s situation of their manifesto being broken by the Brexit vote and their commitments to hold another
independence referendum.
Finally, the thesis concludes on the possibilities of a new independence referendum in Scotland in the near future.

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