Risk Management in Multi-tier Supply Chains: A Systematic Literature Review

Christian Jae Hales

Studenteropgave: Kandidatafhandlinger


Introduction: The topic is risk management in multi-tier supply chains. The study is a systematic literature review that will compile and analyse recent literature in the field of risk management in multi-tier supply chains. The review investigates what activities should be used to manage risks in multi-tier supply chains. Purpose: The purpose of the study is to develop a research overview and agenda for researchers, as well as a guiding overview of multi-tier risk management activities for practitioners. Method: The paper applies a systematic literature review method as presented by (Durach, C. F., Wieland, A. and Kembro 2014). A number of key words were used to form search strings in EBSCO BSC. A librarian was consulted for quality inspection. To filter the vast amount of published research, the study also included several inclusion criteria for filtering the articles. The articles were documented in reference manager Mendeley. Analysis: A total number of 389 articles were located in EBSCO BSC, of which only 30 articles were selected for further analysis. Result: The analysis resulted in a matrix figure outlining the currently studied activities needed to manage risk in multi-tier supply chains. The figure also pointed towards a research agenda, in which nine research propositions were outlined. Originality/value: The paper extends theory on risk management by looking at it from a multi-tier supply chains perspective. It outlines a much needed research agenda on the topic and a state-of-the-art go to reference for practitioners. Limitations: The systematic literature review relied heavily on secondary data sources and was conducted by one researcher.
Paper type: Systematic Literature Review

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