Modern Pharmaceutical Marketing: The Inclusion of the Empowered Patient

Mads Funch Juel Rasmussen

Studenteropgave: Kandidatafhandlinger


The purpose of this thesis is to investigate the field of pharmaceutical marketing and the empowered patient. Further, on the basis of investigating the increasing empowerment of the modern patient, the aim is to be able to contribute to the theoretical field of pharmaceutical marketing with findings regarding the effects of patient empowerment on pharmaceutical companies. Additionally, from these findings, the aim is to investigate a potential optimization of pharmaceutical marketing. Thus, the ambition of the thesis is, ultimately, to inspire pharmaceutical marketers to implement a focus on the empowered patient in the marketing strategies, as well as providing a concrete framework of modern pharmaceutical marketing and the inclusion of the empowered patient. To do this, four interviews with four different experts were conducted. The experts represent four different areas of healthcare in Denmark, i.e. four different perspectives on the subject of pharmaceutical marketing and the empowered patient. The empirical data collected from the interviews were used to analyze these areas of investigation, along with the use of theories dedicated to two investigational ‘tracks’: the effects of the empowered patient on pharmaceutical companies and the optimization of pharmaceutical marketing through the implementation of a focus on the empowered patient. The insights gained from the empirical data collected, as well as the theories applied to the pharmaceutical industry facilitated the creation of a framework emphasizing six vital steps for the pharmaceutical marketer to consider, when aiming at implementing a focus on the empowered patient in the marketing strategy: patient knowledge, product, channels, patient experience, adoption, and closing the disruptive gap. The findings from the thesis are that pharmaceutical companies should consider the modern patient as one of the most important and influential stakeholders, due to patients becoming increasingly more empowered. Further, the empowerment of the modern patient implies that the pharmaceutical marketer should prioritize a significant focus on the empowered patient in the marketing strategy, as this, ultimately, could lead to advantageous medical decision-making for the specific pharmaceutical company. This could be done by the pharmaceutical marketer implementing the Modern Pharmaceutical Marketing Framework in specific marketing initiatives, as well as in the creation of the marketing strategy.

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VejledereHenrik Køhler Simonsen