Influencer Marketing Dominating Digital Media Strategies: A Study on the Phenomenon of Influencer Marketing in Regard to its possibilities of Brands Utilizing the Tool on the Social Media Platform Instagram

Michelle Borup-Larsen

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Traditional media marketing are undergoing continuous challenge with the ever-evolving digital landscape, which is highly impacted with the tremendous attention social media platforms are getting today. By means of consumers continued increase of their social media usage, a phenomenon as Influencer Marketing has proven to be one of the most popular marketing communication strategies, which has in turn evolved rapidly. With Influencer Marketing arising as part of the many possibilities the digital solutions have created for marketers and brands, many struggle to comprehend its complexities, and it can be experienced as in turn being questioned of who the tool is most relevant for in terms of businesses and brands gaining value by means of utilizing the tool, along with how this should be done most effectively. This study therefore seek to investigate the phenomenon of Influencer Marketing in a context of comprehending it on the social media platform Instagram, with the intention of greater understanding for marketers and brands. Therefore, this research focus on understanding the concept from diverse perspectives, looking into experiences based on people involved with the concept from four different perspectives. These four perspectives are based on perceptions from an Influencer, a consumer, a brand that works with Influencer Marketing as part of their marketing strategy, as well as a an agency that works with Influencer Marketing by connecting brands and Influencers in strategic marketing initiatives. The research is conducted based on four qualitative interviews, as it looked into the experiences from these four perspectives. All four participants of the interviews were female in the age rage within the Millennials generation, by being from 25 to 30 years old. All participants used the social media platform Instagram on a daily basis, both privately and in relation to their respective work. The research provides insights into some of the major characteristics of why and how traditional media marketing have been challenged based on newer technology solutions, as well as the consumers’ change in behavior with their increased consumption of the social media platform Instagram. It further demonstrate insights to why a concept as Influencer Marketing is relevant on the basis of this, as it also has the possibility of impacting the consumers on all levels of the newer consumer decision journey. Furthermore, insights were also gathered towards how Influencer Marketing have different important aspects for companies to consider when wanting to utilize the 2 tool most effectively. Consumers have become more critical towards Influencer Marketing, so it is evident for companies to be very mindful of who they choose to collaborate with. They should be aware of creating the correct match, so that brand and Influencers are alignment on for instance their values. Consumers are looking for trustworthiness from Influencers, and untrustworthiness create poor ground for their communication to be persuasive. Therefore, should companies be very critical who they are collaborating with when utilizing Influencers as part of their marketing strategies. Consumers value very personal aspects of the Influencers, and consider personalized content communicated by them as creating more value towards them. In this sense, companies should further value this in their collaborations, along with enabling the Influencers to have great possibility of forming the communication, as consumers obtain brand communication with greater effect coming from endorsers, than from the brands itself. Also, the companies should be mindful of Influencers have a niche in their audience, and how they know their audience much better than companies, so they also know what resonates with them on a deeper level than what the brands might do.

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