Celebrity endorsement i danske modemagasiner: En teoretisk og empirisk analyse af mænd og kvinders opfattelser af celebrity endorsement reklamer

Sanne Spanheimer & Stine Holmgaard Jensen

Studenteropgave: Kandidatafhandlinger


More and more brands are using celebrities to endorse their products and celebrity behaviour is constantly in the spotlight. These facts effect celebrity endorsement advertisement in fashion magazines. The tendency is the basis foundation making the study about celebrity endorsement in Danish magazines. The purpose of this thesis has been to identify have celebrity endorsement share of advertisement for both men and women emerge in fashion magazines. Another purpose is to identify the consumer attitude about campaigns which is using celebrity endorsers. The celebrity culture is a very important context for the celebrity endorsement process because it’s brings meanings and stories about the celebrities’ professional and private life to the consumers. The celebrity exposure has an effect on which meanings are getting transferred to the consumers mind and this factor is important because these meaning must be appealing to the to the specific demographic the brand is targeted at. Celebrities are often seen as super consumers and hyper individuals. The Celebrity endorsement process, the TEARS model, the Match- up hypothesis and celebrity endorsement risk was the theory approach to be used in the data collection for the consumer analysis with 12 consumers. The interviews included 18 published advertisements for the each gender. The qualitative interviews consumers has identified that by merely attaching a famous face to a product was not a guarantee of success and herein lay the biggest danger of using celebrities to endorse brands. The products characteristics and the personality of the celebrity must be precisely matched and more importantly must appeal strongly to the consumer. The advertising effect in general depends on a dualistic association between the visually features in the advertising, the brand image, endorser image and the match-up between these elements. The quantitative study of the five Danish magazines: Costume, Eurowoman, Sirene, Arena and Euroman were used as data. Advertisements in 248 magazines published in the period from 2004 to 2009 were counted in total. The result based on the study was that the celebrity endorsement appeared mostly in advertising for beauty related products targeted both men and women. Celebrity endorsement share was increasing in men’s fashion magazines and in women’s fashion magazines it was a more stabile share of the entire advertisement. Both shares present developments of celebrity endorsement targeted men are coming closer to the level in celebrity endorsement advertising targeted women.

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