Kontrol og frihed: I et selvledelsesperspektiv

Lone Musaeus Poulsen

Studenteropgave: Masterafhandlinger


Standardization of work and subjection to strict control measures might reduce physicians autonomy and discretion. Indifference and loss of potential to innovate could be the consequences. These concerns are the background for this master thesis. The aim of the project is to investigate how leadership in a context of different control technologies can insure motivation and create developmental potential in at group of doctors as a prerequisite for the innovative and creative organization. Master thesis How does self management technologies contribute to sense making in a context of control measures for a group of doctors in the Anaesthesiology Department of Koege Sygehus? The epistemological perspective is phenomenological investigation of the concepts of meaning, freedom and control. The design is qualitative and the method deductive. Empiric material is obtained by five interviews; one focus group and four individual. To analyze data three theories are used; Anders Raastrup Kristensens theory of Boundless work life, Helle Hedegaard Heins theory of Leading the primadonna and Ole Fogh Kirkebys theory of Leading the event. Results shows that the physicians has a fundamental professionalism and a firm focus on the core task. Individual involvement and meaning of the work are related to different self management styles. Different processes carry different meaning. Freedom can be exercised both as autonomy and potential. Administrative standardization is characterized by absence of freedom. Both indirect and direct control can be motivating, but only direct control is demotivating. Level of experience can determine if control is motivating. Leadership must be value based and operationalize the vision. Employees are motivated by appreciative dialogue and normativity. Task assignment should consider the employees self management styles. Thus the conclusion will be that consideration of the doctors self management styles is crucial when assigning tasks and securing motivation. Different work processes holds different meaning and will therefore appeal to different self management styles. Motivating control follows the meaning of work and self management styles. Leadership should emphasize normativity and dialogue.

UddannelserMaster of Public Governance , (Masteruddannelse) Afsluttende afhandling
Antal sider58