Kontraktstyring - baseret på et casestudie af to offentlige institutioner: Styring via kontrakt med fokus på betydning for ledelsesrummet Analyse ud fra et teknologi perspektiv og et institutionelt perspektiv

Peer Huniche, Henrik Horster & Inge Panum

Studenteropgave: Masterafhandlinger


During the last 20 to 25 years the influence of New Public Management has brought the Danish public and the public managers enormous changes in there way to perform lead-ership. Inside contracts, which are setting the latitude, have over the last 10 years, become an essential instrument for the public managers working in the Danish Civil Service. The inside contract sets the agenda for the politicians’ expectations of how public man-gers execute their responsibilities. The consequence of this practice for managers in the Civil Service is, so far, an under-exposed research area. This master thesis will focus on the interim consequences using inside contracts in two different Danish public institutions – The National Social Appeals Board and The State Museum of Art. Both institutions have – one way or another – implicated inside con-tracts as an instrument for leadership. Specifically the thesis pursues this problem: "Which latitude of action has been established by management with for-mal inside contracts, and how will the public managers act within the in-stalled room for management" The thesis has following hypothesis: - The latitude for the public managers is under influence of management tool – formal inside contracts - The latitude for the public managers is under influence of institutional conditions - The legitimation, which is given by the contract, is built by hypocrisy The thesis concludes that the modernisation of the public sector and the installation of formal inside contracts lead into different results depending on how the organizations is adopting the inside contracts. The thesis also concludes that the work by public managers depends on the institutional conditions in the public institutions, and in order to legitimate use of contract admini-stration hypocrisy could the answer. One of our case stories proved a certain amount of hypocrisy.

UddannelserMaster of Public Administration, (Masteruddannelse) Afsluttende afhandling
Antal sider109