Is IT the Right Decision? A Case-based Study on Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship’s Decision to Develop a New Management Information System

Jacob Møller Rasmussen

Studenteropgave: Kandidatafhandlinger


With technological development, Information Technology (IT) like Management Information Systems (MIS), have become an important part of organizations activities, and are often the basis for decision making. New IT is often seen as the solution to organizations problems, but existing literature and research identifies that most IT projects fail due to factors such as poor planning, a weak team, lack of top management support, and requirement gold-plating. Because of this, it is important for organizations to question if new IT is the right strategic decision. Based on a case from Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE), the aim of this Ma- ster’s thesis is to give insight into whether it is the right strategic decision for CSE to develop and implement a new Management Information System.
Empirical data has been collected through informal observations, documents and manuals, and interviews with the three key stakeholders at CSE. The author has designed and used a problem – solution - change approach, analyzing the data through DeLone and McLean’s IS Success Model (2003), Osterwalder et al.’s Value Propo- sition Design (2014), and Kotter’s Eight Step Model for Change (2012).
The results show that, even though the key stakeholders experience frustration using the current system, this frustration is related to lack of education and a low information quality, but not a consequence of the quality of the system. Furthermore, the thesis reveal, that the different stakeholders use the current system in different ways, why one single solution do not fit all three stakeholders. With potential risks related to development of IT in mind, the paper conclude that it only is the right decision for CSE to development and implement a new MIS, if change management is taken into considerations, and if the benefits of a new system is expected to be significant higher than the risks of developing and implementing it. If change management is not addressed, and the new system do not benefit all stakeholders, then the risks of developing and implementing a new MIS is too high. Business Administration and Information Systems, (Kandidatuddannelse) Afsluttende afhandling
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