Rapportering af ikke-finansielle data: Udvikling i rapportering af ikke-finansielle data i den færøske opdrætsindustri

Christoffur Gert Nielsen

Studenteropgave: Kandidatafhandlinger


The Faroese aquaculture industry has through the years developed itself a lot. Crises and the reconstruction resulted in a new strict veterinary- and environmental law which has led the aquaculture to be recognized as a highly sustainable food processing industry.
But how do aquaculture companies report about this non-financial information to their stakeholders?
The focus on sustainable development globally has increased significantly. Mandatory reporting about non-financial information is now occurring in several countries. This thesis has demonstrated a multi-governance implementation of mandatory non-financial reporting from EU-Directive 2014/95 to the Faroese Financial Statement Act with similarities with the Danish Financial Statement Act.
Several voluntary initiatives exit that complies with these mandatory disclosures, but the landscape seems to very complex for both government and companies.
Thus, this increasing focus on non-financial reporting globally it does not seem that focus has any effect in aquaculture or the Faroe Islands. Bakkafrost is listed in Oslo Stock Exchange and is producing a Sustainability Report but not due to the law but due to the increase of demand from its stakeholders. But the same increased focus does not seem to be in Luna and Mowi Faroes.
This thesis shows that since ÁRL§99a about non-financial reporting came into force in the Faroe Islands 1. January 2017 it has not evolved with most of the actors in the aquaculture industry. The reason for this is mainly due to the failure to enforce ÁRL§99a due to lack of a notice from the Faroese public authorities. Officials, accountants, advisors, and the regulatory authority confirm that this is due to a lack of focus and demand for corporate social responsibility from the Faroese community.
This can be interpreted as saying that global sustainable development has not been rooted locally in the Faroe Islands, and political greenwashing towards the global community and its sustainable development is seen.

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