Deep Ecology and Carbon Markets: A Discussion of Principles and Furture Development Opportunities for Carbon Markets

Mads Kristian Kragh Dalskov

Studenteropgave: Kandidatafhandlinger


Carbon markets are a widespread solution for the climate crisis and have seen an increase in popularity over the last few decades and are now a multibillion-dollar financial market. They are deemed as the most efficient economic solution as they simultaneously transition companies towards a greener more sustainable production while ensuring economic growth and incentives. Through a genealogy of carbon markets and its theories, it becomes evident that while they explicitly state their sustainable intents their implicit principles are almost purely economic and point to economic efficiency as being key for their conceptual development. By introducing the framework of Gregory Bateson’s positive feedback model carbon markets can be described as a solution to a symptom rather than solving the larger issue at hand namely the larger ecological crisis. With the introduction of Deep ecology, a solution to the root cause is discussed. This philosophy points to intrinsic values and equal worth as central parts of nature, meaning that human beings no longer have automatic justification for dominating nature. With this in mind, the opportunities for developing carbon markets are discussed. This discussion leads to three points, 1) inclusion of the intrinsic value of nature into the market, 2) nature should be prioritized as a shareholder in companies rather than a stakeholder and 3) investments into technology with the aim of increasing the output and efficiency of natural resources should be made. With these suggestions, a change in responsibility follows: Companies should no longer focus solely on themselves as nature and the environment become more important for doing business.

UddannelserMsc in Business Administration and Philosophy, (Kandidatuddannelse) Afsluttende afhandling
Udgivelsesdato15 maj 2023
Antal sider78
VejledereChristian Garmann Johnsen