Cloud computing: Strategisk analyse for introduktion af cloud computing på det danske marked

Erdzan Jajovski

Studenteropgave: HD-afhandlinger


NNIT A/S is a Danish IT company providing services in consultancy, development, implementation and operation of IT solutions and dealing with more than 1500 employees, and generated sales in 2009 to around 1.6 billion kroner. NNIT shows balance in the internal value chain and it leaves an impression of the right decision in relation to added value to customers as a result of NNIT's activities in each link. In connection with the growing focus and tendency to cloud area, NNIT want to grow and become the largest provider of cloud computing solutions in Denmark. It is a company that offers unique products that differs from competing products on the market by having special properties. NNIT attempts through product development, branding, promotion or service to create loyal customers who will pay extra for the slightly more expensive products. The Danish IT industry can look back on a historic 2010 when the total IT investment totaled nearly 65 billion kr., which beats the previous record year in 2008. Thus grew the Danish IT market by 6.8 percent and surpassed by far the expectations of 4.4 percent. It is estimated that in 2012 the turnover on cloud will round the magical one billion kr. in Denmark. Today, the cloud turnover in Denmark was barely 400 million kr. In 2014 it is estimated that the total cloud market in Denmark will turn over to around 2.2 billion kr., therefore it is expected that NNIT need to earn a share of this. However, security is the main factor for companies as their data or processes should not be compromised to a third party. It requires natural protection, so that competitors can not be overlooked by one’s own business activities. Protecting data and processes is a challenge for cloud providers because they must convince companies that through software and virtualization can establish isolated businesses in the cloud and is able to safely and reliably to implement a user management and access management that is 100% in order. That NNIT must grow in the market for cloud computing, the first step is – as NNIT currently have already taken up – namely to work with the technological factor of safety. Next, it is to convince businesses or the world that NNIT has the safest cloud computing solution, through events or conferences, salespersons who visits to the companies or the businesses and present the cloud message and, importantly, periodically updates of its own website.

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